Differen menu on blog items

hi i have a problem. please look at the menu on the right. this is a one pager with anchors to different sections and one menu item which is a blog leading to separate post pages.
now all the menu items are in hoover behavior in the color white.
this happens since i gave a url befor the anchor such as http://2zug.co.il/#contact
i did so so i can navigate back from post pages.
ok now the question
is it possible to have a different side navigation on posts then on the front page so the menu links are not in hoover (white) and are black which is the color i set for the links in the menu.
hope you can understand


Hey Amir,

This is because you’re using Full or Absolute URLs.

Looks like you did that because you have a plan to use this menu globally? The One Page Navigation feature of X was not designed to be used for Global Navigation as its purpose is for landing or single page navigation.

The solution would be to create a new menu and only use the hash part of the URL. Then, assign this menu to your page.

You can use your current menu as your Primary menu so that it will be used globally or sitewide.


ok i did so but it forces the navigation menu to be positioned on the top of the page. differently then my original design.
here is what happens when the page is assigned a onepage menu—such as here http://2zug.co.il/

here is what i want it to be… the menu is a right side menu
such as here

Hi Amir,

Thanks for writing back.

The one page navigation feature is only meant to function on fixed/static top menu. You can find more information here.

Since this a structure that goes with the theme by default, altering it would need some custom development which goes beyond the scope of our support. You may wish to consult a developer to assist you with this. X is quite extensible with child themes, so there are plenty of possibilities.

Thanks for understanding. Take care!

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