Design of Blog-Post page layout

I have reviewed the forum and found mixed messages about the design of the posts pages.

Some posts say one cannot design the posts page. Another (“Unable to use Pro for Posts/Blog? Why?”) says you can; but when I try to follow it’s suggestion ( a Permissions change in the Pro settings) I do not have the option that the posting refers to.

Another forum posting says you can use “templates” to design Post pages.

Yet another forum posting (Customizing blog posts page) says: “Then edit blog posts page and on Slider Settings: Below Masthead: Choose this slider.” This implies you can edit blog post pages.

I have a site coming up that would like to have bleed sliders on post pages. The site will use Essential Grid to display post by categories or tags. But I cannot figure out how to design the post page.

Thanks for you help

I have walked into this exact issue just now. I do not see a way to customize the themes blog templates using Pro, without digging into code.

Hello John and Gavin,

Thanks for writing in! Please be advised that once you have assign the page as you post pages, you cannot edit it even using the default WP editor. All the previous contents of the page will be discarded.

You can try this by switching to Twenty Nineteen Theme and you will see that the description section is empty.

And if you are using X or Pro theme, you will be seeing this:

As you noticed in the screenshot, you can not edit the page using the WP editor or Cornerstone or Pro Editor. You can only assign which slider to display above or below the masthead. To know more how you can integrate sliders in the pages, please check this out:

If you want to modify the blog index in X or Pro, you can go to X/Pro > Theme Options > {your stack} > Blog Options and in X/Pro > Theme Options > Blog.

Hope this helps.

Hi RueNel;
Your replie certainly hints at an answer my question. Let me see if I get it. I want to design a blog page. It may even be a blog “index” page. I have no guide to the taxonomy of blog pages. So I wonder if there might be more than one kind of blog page: the individual post, the archive of posts, and the display of posts of given category or tag. I do not know if one designed “blog” page becomes the basis for all three. Perhaps you could help me understand this.

Next I am going to guess that a blog page could be designed in Pro’s Editor. Your link to makes it seem that this is the process. I design a content-free page which will be assigned the task of being the page for “posts.” Once it is assigned that task it can no longer be edited. Is that correct?

If I want all displayed blog posts to contain a fullwidth slider as the unique and primary content of each individual post, then I need to design some kind of fullwidth page, with a content band ready to hold that slider that I will be posting as the content in an individual post. Note that this is not a single slider appearing on all post pages. Each slider is be a unique one; it is the actual content of an individual post (separate projects of the landscape architecture client). Is that possible?

My interest is to find out how to make a custom blog page within Pro. Any help you can write (or existing process text you can direct me to) would be greatly appreciated.


Hello John,

Pro theme features the Pro editor which will help you create the individual page and the individual post contents. It also have a custom header and footer builder which can create unique header/footer and then assign to a page/post or a group of pages.

Please understand that the Pro editor is not, and cannot be used to edit the blog index, archive pages and category archive pages. These pages is using the index.php template in the theme’s folder. This is also true when you switch to twenty nineteen theme. You cannot edit the blog index, archive pages and category pages using the default WP editor. You will need to modify the index.php along with your styles in it. Usually in most themes, the blog index, archive pages and the category pages are already pre built design in the theme. In Pro theme, you will have something like these examples:

My interest is to find out how to make a custom blog page within Pro. Any help you can write (or existing process text you can direct me to) would be greatly appreciated.

  • Customizing the blog page cannot be done with Pro Editor. What you can only do is to tweak the blog index and the archive pages layouts in Pro > Theme Options > {your stack} > Blog Options and in Pro > Theme Options > Blog.

Hope this helps.

Yes, this helps. Thanks!!!

I thought that it was impossible, and it is.

There are many conflicting things written in the forum posts.

It would be good to write a document about this for the knowledge base. It would save you some time writing answers to the many posts like mine.

We certainly appreciate the feedback, we will do.


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