Design Cloud: Using installed templates

Hello-I have a validated Pro install. Starting with a blank page in Cornerstone I find the content, presets, etc under templates. I select Design Cloud. I click install on “Quote: Side Image” under presets.

How do I use the installed templates? I see them in the list under templates but my Load template options only offer the “Starter” pack.

In other words lets say I’m editing a page in Cornerstone and I want to load “Quote: Side Image” that is already installed. Do I have to create a new content block? My installed templates don’t show anything that I find in Design Cloud.

Hey Gene,

Please see the Design Cloud usage instruction in our Template Manager article.

The “Quote: Side Image” in the Design Cloud is a Preset (predefined settings for an element) for the Quote element. That means it can only be used or applied for that element.

Hope that helps.

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