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I currently have a site using X-Theme. But have not imported a demo yet.

i.e. lets say I want to base my page off this integrity-1 page -

What is the most efficient way of starting a new page with that page?

  1. Do I have to import a WHOLE demo and cut and paste that page?
  2. Can I import JUST a set of pre-defined templates for that demo and use these templates to effeciently build my page?
  3. Other?

Advice appreciated.


Hey Matt,

Thanks for writing in. Regretfully, there is no part by part import of the demos and there’s no mix and matching stack parts. When you import Integrity 1 for example, it will install Integrity 1’s styles and the home page structure. For more details, please see

Thanks Christian,

As I expected, but its a shame, being able to just Create New Page > Demo Page 2 would be great.

If i had for example the Full Demo content for Integrity 1 installed on “another” wordpress installation (and assuming my current system started off as Integrity 1), can I cut and paste the pages I like from one installation to another?


Hi Matt,

Yes, that’s possible. You can save a page as template.

Then navigate to the Template Manager and download this template:

After that import this template to another installation:

For more information, please take a look at this:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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