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Can the demo content from X Theme can be use for Pro Theme? Can I activate the X theme first, them import the demo content. AFter that I deactivate the X Theme and activate the Pro theme. In this case, can the demo content use in the Pro theme?


Hi @luckyse7en,

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Yes, you could use the demo content of X theme for PRO.

You might want to check the template manager for pro. It has a feature design cloud where you could use like a demo template to create content, header and footer.

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thanks for prompt reply. Under the demo content Ethos 1 , the portfolio page, I saw that is an element dropdown menu name “Filter by Category” whereby you can filter the post based on categories. What is the element? I counldn’t find it. When I use cornerstone to edit it, I cannot.

Hi There,

The post filter is not a cornerstone element. Its a default feature of portfolio.
Wen you create portfolio post with multiple category the filter option will come by default in portfolio listing page.
There is no such element in cornerstone to make similar post filter options.
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is there any element which can filter the post by categories or something else? That’s mean I can use the dropdown menu to select the filter…


Hi there,

As I mentioned before there is no such element in the cornerstone to achieving the similar thing. You can try searching a cornerstone add-on or can develop with help of a developer.
I would also like to suggest you use ESS grid plugins which have similar feature and cornerstone element too.
The plugin is coming with the theme.


Hope this helps!

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