Demo Content Didn't Upload

Hi Folks,
I just purchased X-Theme and tried to install the full ‘’ file into WordPress. It immediately gave me an error:

“Secure Connection Failed
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.”

So I downloaded to abbreviated .zip file:
and was able to upload to wordpress. I then successfully uploaded the child theme.

Now what I’m trying to do is to set up this new site with the expanded Demo version: Ethos 01. Everything seems to be unlocked okay, however, when I click to expand the Demo Content drop down list, there is no demo content from which to choose.

I’ve searched your forum and couldn’t find specifically related resolution to this problem. Within the .zip file, there is a file called: x-demo-content.xml.

Could this be uploaded via FTP and have the demo content work?

Hello John,

Firstly, kindly make sure that you have X installed and not just the child theme. You can use the file that is in your screenshot as that is the X installable file.

Also, you may download the X installer from your dashboard here.

In case you have X installed and the child theme activated correctly and you are not seeing the demo content options, please double check the X and Cornerstone version and make sure they are updated to the latest version.

If the issue persists, please provide us with the admin access to your site in a Secure Note (key icon under the replies you post/posted):

Thank you.

Hello John,

Thanks for providing the access.

I have tried checking the site and yes, the demo content area seems to be having some issues. After further checking, there is a Javascript error on the page that might be causing the issue.

This might be caused by a third party plugin that is active on your site. Since you are just starting the development, please try to disable all third party plugins then clear your browser cache and go back to the import demo content area.

If you are able to see the options to import the demo content, please proceed in installing the demo content.

In case you are still having issues, please let us know so that we can check further.

Hello, I did what you suggested, I deactivated every plugin that I had installed. Then I deleted the x-child theme and the main x theme. I then reloaded x, then x-child, but I was still unable to create a page or post in Cornerstone. Additionally, the demo info didn’t load properly.

So, I deleted all the plugins and did the same, to no avail. At this point I decided to delete the Wordpress website all together and reinstall Wordpress. Afterwards, I re-tried to upload, but it wouldn’t upload, stalling in the middle of the upload. So I wound up importing the x folder directly into /wp-content/themes via FTP. I did the same with the x-child folder.

However, I kept getting error messages indicating the main theme was incomplete. After fiddling with it for quite awhile, I have both x and x-child themes installed, but am still unable to get create posts or pages with Cornerstone. I’m back at square one.

Would you be so kind as to look at this again. I’ll have to send you the updated login information on a private message. Thanks, -John

Hi again Guys, I fired up my Wordpress early this morning and I thought that maybe you had worked with my X-Theme installation, but now I don’t think so. At this point, I still don’t have access to the Demo content, but that’s alright, I don’t think I need it. I just want to be able to recreate the Ethos 01 demo using my own content.

What I’m struggling with is how to use your X-Theme interface, Cornerstone, to create Posts and Pages. I cannot find ANY updated tutorials showing how to do this using the updated X-Theme interface. Don’t you have an area where new users can go to learn how to use your theme? What makes it more confusing, is that Wordpress 5.0, with its Gutenberg interface, is installed. With both interfaces being brand new to me, I’m not sure which one I’m working on, or if Cornerstone is even working.

When trying to create either a post or a page, after selecting “Edit with Cornerstone”, it seems to be a dead link. It doesn’t seem to activate when I click it. What am I doing wrong? Is my X-Theme installation good? Where are your tutorials?

Thanks, John

I found a couple of tutorial videos on how to get started with X-Theme and Cornerstone. I’m working my way through them now. One video suggested downloading the Demo content so that I may study the settings. It suggested that this is an excellent way to learn how it all works. Will you please help me load the demo content onto my site? I’ve never been able to. Thanks, -John

Hi John,

I have tried to re-install your X theme and then I was getting a white screen which usually means a PHP fatal error. Then I have tried to connect to your server by using the given FTP credentials, but it seems that your login credentials are incorrect (see secure note).

To generate demo content correctly, please check the following on your server.

The other option would be to setup a local server using WAMP/MAMP, generate demo content and then you can migrate your local data using our migration guide here ( Or else you can use the template manager to export/import pages. Please follow this guide for more information (

Hope that helps.

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