Customizing post category pages n X Theme?

I am trying to figure out if there is a built in and easy way to customize post category pages such as this one (

I would like to display the post graphic and snippets in a smaller format then how they are currently being displayed on the default category pages.

Hi Carl,

It is possible to do the changes. If it is only a CSS change and related to the size of the image or the text size, please get back to us with the changes you want and we will come up with proper CSS suggestions.

But if you want to change things regarding the generated HTML code I suggest that you install a Child Theme and as per this article.

You can copy the file from the parent theme to the Child Theme (you will need to add the necessary folders in the Child Theme):

Parent Theme: wp-content/themes/x/framework/views/global/_content-the-content.php

Child Theme: wp-content/themes/x-child/framework/views/global/_content-the-content.php

Thank you.

I already use a child theme with Pro BUT I think this can be done with CSS or an easier way.

I jus want my posts to show up in a grid not big a vertical like they are now.

The grid below is an example of the style I would prefer.

Hi Carl,

On that case, I suggest that you consider using the Essential Grid plugin and add the source of the gird to be the posts. For more information please read this article.

You will need to add a separate page and using the Cornerstone add the Essential Grid element to the page.

For more information on Essential Grid, I also suggest you check this article.

For the method above you will need to go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Reading and set the posts page to None.

Thank you.

Would prefer not to use a plugin if possible. There is no way to change the post layout without a plugin?

I will try essential grid which I am sure will look nice BUT I just always try to use as few plugins extra as possible.

How do I get Essential Grid installed for free with theme x pro I am not seeing the option?

Hi Carl,

Unfortunately, you do not have an option regarding the grid layout in the theme options itself. The only option available in the theme is in Pro > Theme Options > Blog which you can choose from Standard and Masonry mode:

The Essential Grid is a premium plugin which is part of the included features in the theme and you can use it for free. Just go to Pro > Validation and if you validated your theme scroll down to find the Essential Grid to install.

For more information please read this article. If you want to have a list and demo check this page.

The Essential Grid has a little bit of learning curve, but as soon as you get the hand of the details you will love to use the plugin.

Thank you.

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