Customize categories and tags pages

Customize category and tag pages

Hello to everyone, these days I’m creating my first site through the x theme, the problem I’m getting hard ahead and I can not overcome is whether it’s possible to change the layout of the categories and tag pages. The problem stems from the fact that I have in mind a very specific graphic for my site but if i can not change those pages as i want … I was thinking of create only “pages” and insert my articles and products … but doing so I would not know how to filter with grids and don’t have any categories and tags i dont’ think will be good…you know if you can customize those pages or if there is an escamotage?

Hey there,

Category and tag page are archive pages and X provides two style and layout options for archive pages. If you go to X > Launch > Options > Blog > Archives, under Style, you have Standard and Masonry. Under Archives > Layout, you have the option to use Global Content Layout or Fullwidth. Global Content Layout will display a sidebar if you chose a Content Layout with sidebar in Options > Layout and Design.

Here’s a sample of the Masonry style Here’s a Standard style with sidebar Ethos has it’s own unique layout

If those doesn’t meet your needs, you’ll need to take a look at Essential Grid or The Grid which are bundled in X. For more details, please visit the links below.