Customising using Cornerstone

I have a bunch of questions I have not been able to find any answers on in the support forum, here goes:

  1. I would like my navbar to be semi-opaque, not completely white as it is now. How do I do this?
  2. I have been trying and failing to embed a map, even after using an API key. I’m sure it’s easy but I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t like the look of the standard google map, I’m hoping to achieve something with a custom tint.
  3. How do I centralise a button in a column? Going into column settings and aligning centrally isn’t working
  4. I have 3 pictures in my intro section that I want to link to other sections on my page, how to I get an overlay on the image and icon or text when I hover to click? I’m trying to achieve something like this:


  1. I want to achieve this look, where part of the row sits over the previous section, is that possible?

Thank you!

Hey @Heenaab,

Thanks for writing in. Please open separate threads for each of your questions in order yo avoid confusion. In the separate threads, give us the URL of the affected page.

For your question regarding your pictures, that can be achieved using Essential Grid or The Grid plugin. Both comes bundled with X.

Regarding the look you want to achieve, that is possible using either using a negative top row margin or setting the section’s background to contain. Please open a separate thread and give us the URL of the page so we could see your current setup and so we could give you advice.


Hi, thanks. I’ll start a separate thread for the other questions. Speaking of the look of the row above the previous section, I’ve set the top margin of the row to a negative figure, but it’s still not overlapping my slider. Also don’t know how to get just part of the row above, like the central part, and not the whole row. I’lll send my url separately.
Thanks for your help.

Also, how do I change the heading colour of the search bar at the top of my page? Right now it’s dark because that is my headline formatting, but I would like to make it white.

Hey @heenaab,

Thank you for your cooperation. I can’t see your site because it is in under construction mode though. Please give us WP admin access in a Secure Note.


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