Custom title

Hi there,

I disabled the page title because I want to create a dynamic title instead.

could you tell me where I have to add my code for the custom title so that it appears in the same place of the former page title?

thanks very much!

Hi there,

We will not be able to help you on the customization as it is outside of our support scope, but we will do our best to give you instructions to know where the page titles are added in the theme code.

Depending on the stack that you use the header section of the X theme is different. Let’s assume you use the Integrity stack. You will need to copy the file below:




After you copied the file to your Child Theme you can do the changes you want as that is the file responsible for the title section of the header.

Do the same with the other stacks, the difference only will be the folder name of the stack which you will access the landmark header file/

For more information regarding the customization of the theme I suggest that you read the articles below:

Thank you.

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