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how can i customize the layout of the single portfolio page? i dont see it showing up on cornerstone, just the main portfolio index. i would like the layout to look like this:

i am using essential grid for the portfolio grid layout.

here is my current portfolio page:


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Hi there,

Our theme does not support the Single Portfolio Page with the look and feel you have mentioned in your question. You will need to do customization to get that look at the single portfolio posts. This is outside of our support scope and we will not be able to implement the code for you but we can guide you in the correct direction.

There are series of files in the theme which generated the single portfolio items. To change those files you will need to install the Child Theme.

Then depending on the stack which you use you need to copy the file responsible for the main layout of the portfolio single page to your child theme:

Main Theme:

Child Theme Theme:

If you do not have the folders mentioned above in your Child Theme you need to create them. Also, you need to replace the {stack} with the current stack which you are in. To know which stack you are using you can go to X > Launch > Options > Stacks.

Now you can change the wp-single-x-portfolio.php file in the Child Theme safely to do whatever layout related stuff you want to achieve. The file above calls another file which will render the content of the portfolio that you can override in your CHild Theme just as the same as the method I just mentioned:

Main Theme:

Child Theme:

Needless to say to style things around you will need intensive CSS customization which I suggest that you add your custom CSS code to X > Launch > Options > CSS or to the style.css file of your Child Theme.

For more information regarding the best practices of the theme customization kindly read the articles below:

Thank you.

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