Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

Bought the X-Theme because you are saying it is the most advanced most selling theme. Yet i can’t find a setting to display my custom post type posts or taxonomies.

How can i do that?

Hey İlhan,

Thanks for writing in. That is correct. Before I answer your question though, please remember that WordPress has the default Post post type. That is generally no different than a public custom post type and the same is true for taxonomies so the answer to your question is, how you display your posts is the same as how you display your custom post types and taxonomies.

If you want to display your custom post type in a page, you can use The Grid or Essential Grid post listing plugins that are bundled with X. For more details, please see the links below:

You can also check my screencast showing a quick sample of the setup at

If I’ve not covered what you wanted to do, please give us more details.

Thanks and hope that helps.

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