Custom menu link crashing the styling


Please head over to my website:

At the top menu bar, click on the ‘’‘reviews’’ link.

It’s working perfect.


head now to this page:

And click on the ‘‘reviews’’ button in the header menu.

It’s buggy…


Hi Serge,

Thanks for writing in! Please follow our one page navigation guide here ( and properly setup your navigation.

If you’re still having issues, first you need to disable your 3rd party plugins and re-test this issue again.

If you require further assistance, please provide us with the login credentials in a secure note.


Hey Serge,

When you click on a jump link (link with fragment identifier or #), what happens is, a script in the theme is triggered to scroll to the section smoothly and then moves the section down to take into account the header’s height or it is offsetting the header.

What happens in your home page is, all the scripts and everything in the page (including parts that rely on Javascript) are already loaded before you can click on “reviews” link so it works flawlessly.

Clicking it from other pages like your portfolio page or just loading this URL directly ( on the other hand works like you click the link first before the loading of scripts so if the theme’s script triggers first before the other scripts finishes loading, it could mess up the position of the offset. Almost all of your page content (Page Loader, Text Typing, Text Slider, Enivray Gallery, Testimonial Slider) relies on Javascript display. If everything loads first before the theme’s script is triggered, the link will work fine as you can see in this recording. It loaded fine because by repeatedly loading your page, the browser cached the resources so it loaded fast thus loading the correct sequence of scripts.

In summary, you have lots of scripts in your home page. Try reducing those scripts by simplifying your content.


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