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Hi there,

I just uploaded some custom icons via the Cornerstone Custom Icons Plugin that you featured some time ago. It works but the preview doesn’t show in the Primary Icon Selection. (Pls see image atteched). That makes it quite hard to find icons. All icons that come with pro are previewed ok.

Do you have any suggestions how i can make the preview work?


Hello @BuzzStory,

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Thanks for your reply. Pls find the login credentials in the secure note

Hey @BuzzStory,

Sorry for the confusion. Though we may have featured the Cornerstone Custom Icons plugin, we do not handle the support and maintenance for it as it is not a part of our bundled plugins. You can see the list of extensions in our Knowledge Base.

Please forward this to the plugin author, @michaelbourne to see what could be the problem with your setup.

I just tested the latest version though and it works in my test site. Please try clearing all caches and testing for a plugin conflict. It it does not help, please contact the plugin author.


Hey @BuzzStory

Let me verify everything tomorrow. In the meantime, can you open the dev console in your browser and tell me if you see any errors, and paste them here if you do?


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