Custom Cornerstone Element

Hi there!

We love x-theme.
Our client needs a custom element.
We found instructions here:

However, creating the definition, does not adds the custom element to the library, as the instructions says: _
"Each element needs a definition.php file, which should contain a single class named after your element…
…This code is enough for Cornerstone to add your element to the Element Library."

We’ve created the definition under : plugins/cornerstone/includes/elements/classic/my_custom_element/definition.php

Then, we downloaded the [sample extension](Sample Extension577) and copied one of the example elements (my-sortable-element) under “plugins/cornerstone/includes/elements/classic/”

just to see if that worked… but neither… we go the Cornerstone page builder, clic on “Elements”, search for it, and it wont appear.

Any suggestions where might be the issue ?

Hello @amebadiseno,

Thanks for writing in!

I am afraid that you have been modifying Cornerstone plugin and it is not the proper way because when there is an update, all your customizations will be overwritten. Sample Extension should be installed like a normal plugin and it will display as one of the elements.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the quick answer!
I will try that.

I strongly suggest you to update the documentation, by providing more details about the propper way to install custom elements :

Hi @amebadiseno,

Noted that, and for further clarification, it should be only added as a plugin/extension as the sample provided in the documentation.


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