Creating Template or Global Block from Section of Page

I am using Pro:
If I design a section and rows, and with styling… can I then select that section and make JUST THAT SECTION a content template for “My Templates”?
Also can I make that section a Global Block for later use?
Lastly, if I am able to do the above, does the styling get saved with the Template and with the Global Block? Does it save the styling from the 1. CSS panel and also 2. Inline Styling?

If you could also, please link me to documentation and or video(s) about this.

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Yes you can create template out of a section style. It will store all the inline css in to the template.
You can also import that template to a global block for later use.
Please check this KB for template manager

For Global block :

Unfortunately there is no video available.


Understood… thank you.

Worked perfectly… actually works BETTER than advertised!!

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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