Creating connected side menus and top menu

I am trying to recreate the functionality seen here;

Basically one top menu that is always available to switch between major sections, and a long menu on the left of the content (while in actual sections) to move around the page. They even highlight which section you are on, by making the menu text bold.

Now, some of that content denoted on the left menu bar may reference pages other than the one currently in view, so we would need to just to there (on the click event) and re-load the same left menu when that page loads. This is great in case the user wants to come back or explore other sections of the new current page / other pages that are available from withing that left menu. The idea is to give the user an easy way to see all that is available, as we expect users to come back over and over to collect new info, as they need it.

Hello @flashfog,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Navigation structure you are looking for in X Theme will require significant custom development which falls outside the scope of support we offer. If you would like to explore, please take a look at following Google Search Result.

However, using Pro Theme header builder you can easily create the menu structure similar to the example link you have shared. I suggest you to take a look at header builder tutorial for some information.



Thanks for understanding!

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