Creating a Gallery with Lightbox with HTML content

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I’m trying to create a gallery that includes a lightbox that has very customizeable content so that I can add in things like soundcloud/youtube embeds as well as written descriptions and IMDB links to each of the lightbox images.

This is an example:

If you click on any of the images of the videos in his gallery it opens up a lightbox that, depending on the specific project, will have a soundcloud embed, links to various media, etc.

Any plugins you can recommend that would work with Pro theme that would allow me to do this?


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Thanks for writing in! The grid with a lightbox content can be achieve with the Essential Grid or The Gird plugin. To know more about these plugins, please check this out:

You also need to review the documentation to get familiar of the plugin and know how you can create your grid.

Hope this helps.

Hi there,

Looked at both plugins and I don’t understand how either one would allow me to create a lightbox frame with mixed content that links to a gallery with a different thumbnail image.

The example of what I am trying to achieve should be fairly clear from the gallery that’s included on this page: but have also attached two screenshots to explain.

First is of the page linked above with the gallery on this page that has custom thumbnails set for each of the different film posters.

Second has highlighted in red the lightbox that opens when you click the thumbnail and the lightbox has mixed content, a jpg, a few links, and a youtube video embed.

Are you sure that one of the plugins you recommended can achieve this and if so, can you please elaborate a bit on how? Happy to read through the documentation for both again but trying it out, at this point, I can’t see how it would work.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Hey @BodhiJames,

I’ve tested both plugins and it is achievable with Essential Grid and not with The Grid. You will need to set your lightbox to show Post Content. For more details, please see

Since the lightbox content gets its content from the post content, you can add images, videos, HTML and shortcodes to it. I’ve tested content built with the Content Builder and it doesn’t accept the V2 elements. If you’re planning to use the builder, use classic elements only. To add a classic section, press and hold the control key on a windows keyboard or command key on a mac. See

Hope that helps.

Wow, thanks, you rock!!! Spent hours fiddling around and looking for a plugin that could do this, really glad I asked you guys.

Hey There,

You’re most welcome!
We are just glad we were able to help you out.


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