Creating a gallery Carousel with ESS Grid

I have seen videos of this being done. For this just use the built in galleries of the X theme. Can portfolios be used.
From what I seen 3rd party plugins are not needed and would just add bloat. Is that correct.

I searched threads and none really covered what I was after. Also, if I do the display 1 row in the grid Lazy loading will be an option. This would be critical for very large galleries with 100’s of full resolution images.

What I have tried but have not made it work.
I created a new portfolio called test
I added 50 images to the portfolio which goes in fine
Created a new essential grid call test_grid
Select portfolio as the source and selected test
set up settings. (max row 1) and others such as lightbox to include all items.
created a gallery page
went into cornerstone and created a section
add the ess grid element
saved everything

All I see in the web page is the featured item…

tried with and without ess_grid shortcuts around the images in the portfolio page. same results

Hi there,

It is not possible to retrieve information from the portfolio like that in the Essential Grid. If you want to use the Portfolio you are limited to this method: (Read the Portfolio Section)

I suggest that you consider checking the Envira Gallery as it is a dedicated plugin for that matter.

Thank you.

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