Creating a Blog Or Article

Hi there

How to create or publish a blog post or article best using Cornerstone?

Do I write using the regular Wordpress editor I usually do then after its done click on Edit with Cornerstone?

Or whats best?

I am so confused how to edit a blog post too - how to edit my old Wordpress blog posts so I can make it beautiful using Cornerstone

Its been 8 hours


how sad - this kind of support that I ve paid


Thanks for writing in!

We suggest you to create new blog posts using Cornerstone as it has bunch of tools that can be used to make post interactive. However please note that you can’t edit existing blog posts created with default WordPress editor in Cornerstone. You will have to recreate existing posts using Cornerstone.

You refer our knowledge base article to get started:

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okay no problem

thanks for the reminder

You’re welcome ! :slight_smile: