Create Albums Using Envira Gallery

Hello Guys,

I want to setup Albums using Envira Gallery and I am not able to find Option to create it.


Hi There,

Thanks for writing in! Before you can create any albums, you will need to install the Envira Album addon. For more details about this features, please check this out:

And since Envira Gallery is a bundled plugin, you not be able to use the Addons. You will have to purchase a separate license to fully unlock the all the features of Envira Gallery. For more details of how bundled plugins such as Envira is integrated in X/Pro theme, please check this out:

Hope this helps. Kindly let us know.

Maybe you have brought the Agency license and as I know they provide everything in that, but i don’t know ehy you are not providing it…:disappointed_relieved:

Bundled plugins are included free with your X or Pro license but their add-ons are not a part of it.


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