Could be possible to create something like that

using X theme . I mean the left part is like a ¨menu¨and the content is on the right part . So they are syncronized .How could be this done? Usually is used for FAQs or documentation. thanks

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Not exactly you can achieve similar things but you can do something like this
and the menu should be One Page Navigation. Please check this article how to set up one-page navigation.
Features - How To Setup One Page Navigation
I believe the little bit of CSS change you can achieve similar things.


Could I integrate this on a special page .I mean the rest of the pages are just normal pages with normal menus and only documentation or the faq pages would have this appearance . Could be this done in that way? thanks


Yes, that’s possible.

You just need to create two menus.

Normal Menu - with absolute urls


About Page


OnePage Menu - put ids as link

Contact Page


Then enable your OnePage Menu in your Documentation and Faq Page

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