Cornerstone won't open any page

Hi There,

Theme Options / Customizer settings will be saved in the database, so that you can safely re-install your X/Pro theme.

First try downloading the latest Pro theme from your Themeco dashboard and update manually by following this guide (

Let us know how it goes.

I logged into my Themeforest downloads but there is no X Pro available anymore to downloa, only X regular theme.

Hi Leanna,

You can download PRO from Forum Dashboard.


I FTP’e the newly downloaded, unzipped Pro into Themes and renamed the previous one so we’re running on the new one now… but no difference still Cornerstone won’t open. I do not see how to reinstall the child theme, if that matters.

Hello there,

I can see Cornerstone working fine on my end. Can you give us screenshots/videos/step-by-step procedure on where you’re seeing this issue?

Thank you.

  1. I cleared cache on both Chrome and Edge also cleared Style Cache
  2. Went to Pages
    3a) Clicked Edit on Home page and also Donate page
    4a) Clicked “Edit with Pro” - got the attached screenshot
    3b) from Pages directly clicked “Edit with Pro” - same thing
    3c) Opened incognito Chrome window, logged in, accessed Pages, Home page, “Edit with Pro” - same error

Hello there,

This might be a plugin conflict issue. You can try our troubleshooting steps here:

Hope this helps.

I’VE ALREADY gone through all the steps to troubleshoot everything! Also I just now disabled all plugins but the problem persists. I’d really appreciate if you would log into my site and see what’s wrong.

Hey @Leanna,

I see several possible complications in your site.

####1. You’re using 2 security plugins. This might cause conflicts. Please uninstall your security plugins and reset your htaccess file by renaming it to .htaccess-bak. Then in WP Admin Menu, go to Settings > Permalinks and just click the Save Changes button.

####2. You have used W3 Total Cache which is currently deactivated. Please try completely uninstalling it. Here’s a guide.

####3. You have lots of sites within your WordPress install (see Secure Note). Though this might not be connected to the error, this could be a potential problem.

What I’d recommend though is that you move your site to a different host and with clean WordPress install. This way, we’ll know if the issue is coming from Pro.


JUST NOW: I discovered when I add a new page, Cornerstone works perfectly! So something is going on with the existing pages. I MUST be able to get in an edit them… so plz help figure out what it is.

EARLIER: I followed the directions in the link about removing W3 Total Cache and whole site went down!! Host resolved as follows:
We found this error in the logs: [21-Mar-2018 17:58:23 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Unknown: Failed opening required ‘/home/tellas5/public_html/wordfence-waf.php’ (include_path=’.:/opt/cpanel/ea-php56/root/usr/share/pear’) in Unknown on line 0. We were able to fix this by renaming/disabling the .user.ini file

ALSO found weird WP install inside the install and Host deleted all associated files. Still Cornsterone wont work.

So now W3 Cache is gone and after observing that switchig to old X Theme Child the Cornerstone issue was not resolved, I’m back on X Pro Child, and Cornerstone still does not work.

Moving to an entirely new server is definitely NOT something i can afford to dot! This is a costly time consuming operation!!!
Pro is not the problem: I switched back to old X Theme Child and Cornerstone still won’t open
I deleted Wordfence (the only plugin added since Cornerstone was working) and removed its code from .htaccess, still no luck. Plz note I’ve had W3Cache and the others active for a long time with no problem. Nevertheless they are also now deleted.

EARLIER, I did the below:

  1. I already renamed the entire Plugin folder so it could not be found, and then reset htaccess file by renaming it to .htaccess-bak. Then in WP Admin Menu, I went to Settings > Permalinks and clicked the Save Changes button. STILL NO CHANGE ie Cornerstone still didn’t work.

Could you please explain what you mean by this:
3. You have lots of sites within your WordPress install (see Secure Note). Though this might not be connected to the error, this could be a potential problem.

I have a number of other domains (bluehavenschool, etc) each with their own wp install on their own domain name. So not sure what “sites” exist inside the wp install - please explain.

Hello There,

Thank you for the very detailed information. One thing I noticed when I go back to your original issues is that you cannot edit the Donate page. I have inspected it and there is an error on the page which says:

Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin'.

It seems that you have inserted an iframe on the page and your server refuses to display it. It could be that this iframe is also preventing Cornerstone from working. This is the only remaining error I could find. If we can resolve this issue, you may be able to edit the page again in With Cornerstone.

In case you’d like to resolve this issue first, you can check out this link:

Please let us know how it goes.

I truly appreciate your attempts and continued assistance. If it were an error on a particular page then the other pages would open, but Cornerstone doesn’t open other pages that don’t have iframes either.

Regarding the iframe error, a previous tech attempted to address this by adding the following code at the top of .htaccess:

requires mod_headers

Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin “*”

if that is not correct, plz advise. Also talked to the Host and they say the iframe is working fine on their end and on my website.

Hi there,

Even if you do fix it, it looks like the iframe src isn’t going to be loaded or will load slowly. The URL protects robots from embedding the iframe, I tried accessing it and I had to do two security verification. I recommend using different iframe source.


Are you referring to the iframe loading into Cornerstone? No, we don’t need the iframe to load into Cornerstone, it has never loaded there, and that is not important. The Cornerstone issue has nothing to do with the previous Iframe concern (that issue had nothing to do with Cornerstone but only with whether the iframe is accessible to visitors to the FRONT END of specifically page). The current issue is: X THEME PAGES THEMSELVES are refusing to load into Cornerstone - this includes pages which don’t even have any iframe in them. I MUST be able to edit the website! So please help identify why NO PAGE that was previously made (only new pages created now) will open in Cornerstone…
thank you!!!

Hi there,

Related or not, it could still cause issues if the builder is unable to load it. And the slower the loading, the more chance the popup message will appear. Still, the issue is caused by this error Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input, which indicate that the page HTML isn’t completely valid.

Could you try cloning your site in staging? I’d like to completely remove customization and plugins while testing and I don’t want to do that on your live site. It’s the only way we can narrow it down.


Are you getting this error
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input
on pages that don’t have an Iframe in them, or only on the one with the iframe? Please access
and tell me if you get the same error.

Hi there,

The error is different on that page you have mentioned:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read-only property 'contains' of object '[object Array]'

To be able to investigate more I also have to repeat my colleague’s statement. Please kindly move your website to a staging server so that we can easily test the case and follow the troubleshooting steps. We can not do that due to the fact that your website is live.

Thank you for your understanding.

i dont know how to move it. i can copy to a new subdomain I suppose… but i think it would also require setting up a new My Sql database etc - I’m rather foggy on how to do that part. Some midnight when nobody is going to access the site anyway, i propose to 1) rename the Plugins folder so that all plugins are disbled, and 2) rip out all custom CSS and JS out of Customizer 3) clear cache and 4) see if I can get into Cornerstone… 5) If it still doesn’t work, since it seems you folks are on the other side of the globe anyway (your working hours seem to be basically my night hours) I grant permission to go ahead and do the testing on the live site (assuming that there is no danger of the site getting more corrupted in that process)

Hi Leanna,

It’s best to create a staging that way there is no risk of breaking your live site.

You can use this third party plugin to create one.


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