Cornerstone won't load on both PCs

I cannot get cornerstone to load. I have tried disabling plugins but that has not worked. Cornerstone works fine on my other PC.

Hi there,

As we do not have access to the website to check ourselves first hand we can only give general suggestions regarding this:

  • Make sure that you use the latest version of the theme and the Cornerstone, if not kindly update them
  • Purge all caches if you have a cache plugin
  • Check for possible 3rd party plugin conflict by deactivating all plugins except Cornerstone. If the problem is fixed then kindly activate them one by one to find the plugin responsible for the problem.
  • Is the problem only happening on one page or all pages? If only it is on one page that seems to be a corrupt one so try to recreate the page

Finally, I suggest that you check our troubleshooting guide here:

To be able to assist you more on this you will need to move your WordPress website to a live server so that we can access the WordPress Dashboard and check the case.

Thank you for your understanding.


I can confirm that:

  • Cornerstone and X theme are up to date
  • Cache is purged
  • No 3rd party plugin conflict found
  • It’s on all pages

I have 2 laptops, but Cornerstone works on one laptop but not the other.


Hi there,

Then it must be an environmental factor there, maybe the PHP Memory limit is the cause. Try to increase the PHP memory limit:

As mentioned in my last reply, unfortunately, we can not be a much help unless you move your website to a server so we can see the case first hand.

Thank you for your understanding.

This has been happening to me for every new website I make for a client with the X-theme. Ever since the latest updates I always get screens like this

I have to refresh the page over and over until it loads properly. Takes building a website twice as long. I need the install and older version of x-theme/cornerstone I think.

Hi @mickster58

This should not be happening, unfortunately I cannot see the image posted.

Please open a new thread explain your situation briefly and provide the image so we can understand the issue better.


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