Cornerstone v1 to v2 content not recognised

Dear support,

We are using cornerstone v1 and want to go to v2. The content is no longer recognized. How can we migrate the content from serialised to json from?

Hi There,

Can you clarify which versions exactly you are referring to?

You can use Cornerstone Template function in any case.

Please provide more details.

Thank you

Cornerstone: The WordPress Page Builder, Version: 1.0.0

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If you want to take benefits of V2 Elements you will need to rebuild the page.

Otherwise you can keep editing it wiithout issues but without the new elements.

Hope it helps, if it does not, please clarify and provide your login credentials in a secure note.

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to be clear, you dont have a migration tool from 1 to 2?

Hi There,

We’re currently on Cornerstone v2.1.0 and there were lot of changes throughout those releases ( As mentioned above, the best thing would be to re-create those pages if you’re having specific issues.


That would require a lot of work. You effectively killed our use of the apex theme. With the kind of development model you are using, means we cannot use this theme for clients as we give them long term support.

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Hi there,

Updating a site is not always mandatory especially for a stable site. You shouldn’t do that in any major updates since there are always gaps between big updates. Plus, we always recommend testing updates in a cloned/staging site instead of in a stable and working site.

And for users to test and use the updates, we of course needed to release the updates. It’s not automatically installed and it has user’s consent to continue with the updates. It’s always true in any website development, test it first because any mistake (even if it’s a working copy) could put down your stable site.

And again, major updates always contain features that may not work for older one especially for elements that weren’t there. Hence, classic elements are still included.

In my personal experience, I limit my clients to the updates/maintenance they could get. Especially if the update is a different from what they currently have which makes it a 90% overhaul/maintenance then offer maintenance fee if they wish to get more features, but that’s just me :wink:

Thanks for understanding.

As designers we have always been told that keeping all components of a website up to date is essential for security and to have the latest functionality. Releasing an update that completely undoes all our work and then telling us that we have to rebuild our pages is a huge liability, both for your business, our own, and for the client who has to foot the bill for an unexpected expense—whether rebuilding their pages or switching to another theme that doesn’t periodically render the builder we created the pages with obsolete—that really should never have been necessary.

Hi @Hannah-West-Design

At the time Rad replied this message we have just released the big update and the product still had a few flaws which have been fixed. We do have our product extensively with a large group of beta testers from user and staff side, but due to the amount of structure change on the update there were some hiccups which fortunately have been fixed. What

You and Rad are correct.

What Rad actually meant is that is that the most recommended process would be to clone your site and update it in a staging environment in order to test it before pushing the update to the live site, especially in a big version update.

On the other hand, you are also 100% correct and it is recommended to keep your theme and plugins updated to the latest version.

What is not correct that you said, and we would love you to clarify the situation is : Releasing an update that completely undoes all our work and then telling us that we have to rebuild our pages… which is not true, even during the moment we had to iron a few bugs on the big version update that did not happen, everything you had on your previous version of X still works on the newer version and there absolutely no need to totally rebuild the page.

If you decide to switch themes that is another story depending on how you built your pages, and that is not exclusive to X, most of the themes work with their particular set of shortcodes which won’t work in different themes.

If you built your pages using Cornerstone on X, you could purchase Cornerstone Standalone plugin and keep building your page on a different theme.

That said, please clarify what happened with the bolded sentence above so we can help you.

Thank you

Hi @Joao

I fully agree with @Hannah-West-Design. In the intended way Wordpress is expected to work, plugins and themes are best kept up to date. This is why, for example, there are themes and child themes by design.

Now I also have the same issue. I also have custom Cornerstone elements that I developed that are not working too. I hope I have stumbled across this before I too fell in the hole.

Although I appreciate your continuous development, however I recommend three things:

  1. Add a clear notice on what to expect with the Cornerstone plugin update.
  2. For future releases consider a methodology to migrate existing install bases so that front end design (that is the essential value of Cornerstone), doesn’t get so tedious, thus losing this value.
  3. Make a post explaining how users can migrate existing custom elements and contents/pages authored using existing elements.

Thank you

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Hello @mchebib,

We fully understand your sentiments. We do apologize for this inconvenience as well.
You feedback is highly valued and we will be taking it into considerations moving forward.

For updates, you may check out our dedicated new and updates page here:

And you can also check out what has changed in the theme by checking out our changelog:

Best Regards.

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Hi @Rad,

Is there any other way to update the classic shortcode to V2 shortcode than manually updating each blocks of shortcodes?Its a quite pain task as a designer and developer of the website to update each blocks of shortcode manually.


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Hi Jayson,

Regretfully, at this time there is no way to update it automatically.
You will need to do it manually.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Has there been any solid work around or fix made available for this issue ?

I built our site on the original version and the Cornerstone editor will not load the data to allow updates or edits.This is the reply we have from the developer.

After deeper investigation, I have found that data for the Cornerstone is corrupted.
First of all, in some weird way, Cornerstone now is storing data in JSON type (, however, all data for old posts are saved as Serialize type (, which, also, is corrupted as I said before.

I have already found a way how to fix “serialize” type and transfer it to JSON, however, still some attributes do not exists, so Cornerstone editor does not understand it…

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Hello @Weedwak,

Thanks for writing in!

Unfortunately, as of now there is no way to update automatically. Should you wish, you will have to redesign the page layout manually using V2 elements.

If you have any further questions, please create a new ticket and share the details in the same to avoid any confusion and slow response time.

Thanks for understanding.

I am still experiencing this issue. It is distressing to have paid for this theme to make my client’s websites and then be faced with rebuilding our pages since the cornerstone editor no longer recognizes the original sections and can’t load them for editing. I just submitted another support ticket but then found this one from a year and a half ago and thought I should post here again just so you know that what I said all that time ago IS correct. I won’t say that it undid all my work in that it still displays as designed in the browser, but Cornerstone absolutely does not load the page sections, so I can no longer edit them using your editor. I can do some simple text editing in Gutenberg, but any attempt to edit something created with one of your shortcodes in Cornerstone is futile. I hope to God that he doesn’t ask me to do anything substantial to his websites ever again or I’m up the creek without a paddle! Well, I took a chance to experiment with a new theme at that time, and now I know that was a riskier choice than I realized back then.

Hi @Hannah-West-Design,

We understand the frustration and we’re sorry you’re having this issue. We will help you figure out the root cause on the other thread you have opened. It’s best to continue there because credentials should be shared and you have to be the owner of the post.

OK. Any help in restoring the ability to update my client’s website would be very welcome!

Hey @Hannah-West-Design,

Can you please create a separate new thread for your issue along with your WP details so that we can check your site of what needs to be done to restore it? You can create a secure note and post your WP details in there.

Thank you very much.