Cornerstone Tab doesn't show in products

Hi there,

We’ve been using Cornerstone for a while now, and I just noticed that I can’t edit products with Cornerstone in our online shop anymore. It still works on pages though.
I tried to activate Cornerstone for products in the settings, but the tab isn’t there anymore. There’s also no Cornerstone tab when I edit a product. I’m using Cornerstone version 3.1.5 and X version 6.1.5, Wordpress itself is also up to date.
Can you help me with that?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @Jaworskyj,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Please make sure that you are using the compatible version of WooCommerce. As of today the compatible version of WooCommerce is 3.4.0. In case you are using a later version, please downgrade WooCommerce.

Second, try testing for plugin conflict. From Plugins > Installed Plugins deactivate all plugins and then see Cornerstone works in product page. If it does, reactivate one at a time to narrow down.


Hi and thanks for your answer!
We’re using WooCommerce 3.4.2 so that could be the source of the problem.
But I wonder why I can’t change the Cornerstone settings in the Backend…normally there should be a “Cornerstone” tab under “Settings” or “Tools” where I can choose where Cornerstone should be displayed (pages, products, posts…), but I can’t find it there. Can you help me with that?

Thanks in advance!

Hi There,

There is no more cornerstone tab in dashboard, all of the menu has been under X tab.

The setting should be Dashboard -> X -> Settings there you will find new permission manager to set cornerstone editor.

Hope this clear now!

Hi, I’ve got the same issue. I’ve used WP Rollback to go back to WC 3.4.0, and tried turning off various plugins, but no luck yet. I’m getting very anxious about this! I have to update the store today!

Hi @cgMultimedia,

In this case, please open a new thread and share us your admin credentials so we could check your setup further.

Don’t forget to update your setup to the latest version because there are bugs has been fixed already.


Hi @basanta
thanks for your reply. Unfortunately there’s also no “X” tab in my dashboard, I noticed that a while ago…
Can you help me with that?

I tried it on another website where we also use the X theme and I can find it there and it works perfectly, even with Woocommerce 3.4.2!

Hi @Jaworskyj,

I checked your site and both sites have an active theme (latest). The X tab should be available unless your current account has no capability to see it. Would you mind providing the login credentials in a secure note where these X doesn’t appear?


Sure, thank you.

Hi @Jaworskyj,

It’s because of your booking calendar plugin, it overwrites the existing menu after the dashboard menu. It should register its own menu at the end instead of replacing the existing.

For now, you can access the X tab by disabling that plugin.


Great, thank you so much! :slight_smile:
I just had to re-activate Products for Admins again and now everything works just fine, even under woocommerce 3.4.2

You’re most welcome!

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