Cornerstone stopped working

I have the X theme, and I was trying to use Cornerstone, but it just kept spinning and wouldn’t ever load the page. Most all of my site is built with Cornerstone.

So I uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled the plugin, now it no longer shows as an option to edit and I can’t load it at all to edit. All I get is the “Text” or “visual” option to edit. It says that Cornerstone is installed and activated, but there is no option to use it.

I have X theme version 4.0.4. I’ve checked for updates, but it’s showing no updates.

This is what it looks like…I can’t edit that.


EDIT: I have now reloaded a backup of the database a few days ago, so Cornerstone is back as an option, but now, I cannot edit any of my pages, because Cornerstone just spins and will not load the page to edit it. Help?

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Seems you are using a very older version of X theme, The current version of the theme 6.0.4 also check for cornerstone version update it to latest one.
Please check this theme update guide for any kind of help.

If that doesn’t fix your issue please send us your website details so that we can have a look on to the issue.

Please provide following information:
Set it as Secure Note

  • Link to your site
  • WordPress Admin username / password
  • FTP credentials
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I have the same problem. Just updated the theme cause for some reason the automatic update didn’t work. But still cornerstone doesn’t appear on the “pages” site.
Launching cornerstone separately and start editing a page from there works however.

Where should I send the data you need to provide help?

I have been validated, I guess, because I automatically get the Theme updates in X.

I have the current version 6.0.4…see jpeg immediately below, not an older version.

I used Cornerstone last week, but this weekend there was a Cornerstone update that I ran and an X theme update that I ran.

When we experienced the problem, I replaced my site with a backup, and it displays correctly, but I can’t edit any pages that have been created in Cornerstone.

When I click Cornerstone from the “X” submenu OR the “Edit with Cornerstone” link on the individual page/post edit page, it begins to load, but stays with a spinning circle over and over and never loads.

I have hit the check now button several times to see if there is an update available in my Validation page, but it says there is “nothing to report”.

Thanks for any help!

NEW DEVELOPMENT - I’ve tried to open it in Chrome – no dice, MS Edge – no dice…just tried Mozilla…opened right up. Both from the “X” submenu within WP and from the link that comes up when you mouseover the page link from the WP “Pages” list.

Hello There,

Thank you for providing the information. I have logged in and investigated your site. I am guessing that Cornerstone has stopped working since you have installed force SSL in your site. You added this code in your wp-config.php file

//Begin Really Simple SSL Load balancing fix
$server_opts = array("HTTP_CLOUDFRONT_FORWARDED_PROTO" => "https", "HTTP_CF_VISITOR"=>"https", "HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO"=>"https", "HTTP_X_FORWARDED_SSL"=>"on");
foreach( $server_opts as $option => $value ) {
if ( (isset($_ENV["HTTPS"]) && ( "on" == $_ENV["HTTPS"] )) || (isset( $_SERVER[ $option ] ) && ( strpos( $_SERVER[ $option ], $value ) !== false )) ) {
$_SERVER[ "HTTPS" ] = "on";
//END Really Simple SSL

This code is not necessary. WordPress is already equip with forcing SSL in the site. You just simply need to set the Site URL and WordPress Address URL using https and you are all set.

Your code resulted to a few issues in the site including CORS issue. I went ahead and resolved the issue to save you some time. I added this line in your wp-config.php file


Please check your site now.

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