Cornerstone Page Failing to Save Changes

Hi there,

Here is a link to the page in question:

For some reason, any time I try to make any changes within Cornerstone on this page, I keep getting an “Uh oh! Content failed to save” message.

It is only happening with this page as I have made changes to other pages within the site using Cornerstone and it saves without any problems.

Can you please help so that I can save the changes to this page?

Thank you in advance.


Hey Leo,

Please try the potential solutions in this article.


Hi Christian,

Unfortunately, this does not relate to my problem.

The previews within Cornerstone are working without a problem. It’s just when I go to save the changes I have made that it fails to do so.

I’ve just updated my Cornerstone plugin to the latest version and this page ONLY is still not saving?


Hi There,

This issue may cause due to some wrong HTML tag. Some time the HTML tag may not have a closing tag.
If you are using any HTML tag in the content manually please check those. If that doesn’t help please send us your website details in a secure note so that we can have a look.

Please provide following information:
Set it as Secure Note

  • Link to your site login
  • WordPress Admin username / password
    All the best!

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