Cornerstone Not Validating Neither will X

I have followed some of the other posts on here in regards to updating Cornerstone. So I went ahead and replaced the Cornerstone folder with the updated Cornerstone files and I get an error message telling me that the license isn’t active, click to fix. I then click that “fix” link and it says I do not have permission. What are my options and next steps?

Hi There @birchwayinc

Thanks for writing in! I have checked the site URL assigned to your Themeco account and I see that you’re using an older version X theme (4.2.2) with the latest version of Cornerstone plugin (3.2.5) which is incompatible. So our validation process will not initiate correctly.

You can see all the latest X compatible version numbers from here ( and update your X theme (

Once you update your X theme, you should be able to validate your site. In case if you’re still having issues, please check our troubleshooting guide here (

Let us know how it goes.

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