Cornerstone Not Loading Sections

I am beyond frustrated right now with X. I’ve never had this many problems with the theme. I’ve lost almost two whole days of work trying to deal with X problems.

I keep having an issue where I’ll go into to edit a page via Cornerstone and the sections will not load. The header and footer are there, the sections are listed on the left, and the sections will still show on the front end, but will not load in Cornerstone. This happened 5 times just yesterday on different pages.

I updated to current versions of both X and Cornerstone. I deleted cache and browser cache. I have no other plugins activated at the moment. The only fix that would work is if I loaded a previous version of the page, however. in doing so I would lose whatever work I did past that point.

Can anyone help and explain why this keeps happening? I was working on it last night, woke up this morning and same thing happened.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I’ve tried to load a page via Cornerstone in a different browser, and still the same issue is occurring.

I didn’t realize there’s an Endurance Cache built in. I turned that off and Cornerstone finally loaded, however, now when I save the page, the updated page doesn’t show on the front end. It’s one thing after another.

Hi there,

First of all, we are here to help. We understand the frustration when there is a problem working with a software which is not responding. The nature of the web is that there are many factors involved regarding the theme and Cornerstone which needs to be checked and tule out possibilities.

I personally have more than 5 installations both on my local machine and different servers and they all work with no problem. This should be something related to your environment which we need to find the reason.

The Endurance Cache is not a built-in feature from our side. I guess you are using the Bluehost hosting. That hosting is forcing that plugin in the settings section and you need to be aware of that and clear cache or turn that off completely.

Please kindly follow the steps mentioned in the article below:

After that kindly make sure that you increase the PHP Memory limit, you need to contact the hosting service provider to make sure you do have the permission to do so:

Kindly first, get back to us with the result of the steps mentioned, then if you still have problems on your environment kindly get back to us with the information below using the Secure Note functionality of the post:

  • WordPress Dashboard URL
  • WordPress Dashboard User
  • WordPress Dashboard Password
  • Name of the Page you have the problem

Thank you.

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