Cornerstone licence is not validated error

I have a regular licence of cornerstone and I had added purchase keys here in site
while I am clicking on fix link on my site
that take me to this link
and the link says “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page”
Please update me regarding this.

Hey There,

Would you mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? Please provide following information:

Set it as Secure Note

  • Link to your site
  • WordPress Admin username / password

All the best!

admin login details

please go through these details.

Hi There,

Whenever you share your login credentials, make sure to use the secure note option below your posts so that only our staff can see those information.

With regard to your original issue, Cornerstone does not require any license validation and you only need to validate X theme. Since you’re using an older version of X theme (4.1.0), our validation will not function correctly. You can check the latest version numbers from here (

You can re-install your X theme or update your X theme manually ( to resolve this issue.

Since you’re using slightly older version, we always recommend to take a full site backup before updating.


Hi there,
its ok that concreate not required.
but then why its showing the error message “This Cornerstone license is ​not validated​. Fix”

and also while i am adding new section to this editor it won’t showing on front end can you update me.
or send some usefull link so I can fix this issue.

Hi There,

Upon checking your website your X theme is many versions behind.

Please backup your website in any case and follow these steps:

  1. Revoke your License from Wp Admin | X Section and also remove it from your license page on Themeco.

  1. Temporary disable any caching plugins and purge all your server cache.

  2. Delete both X theme (/wp-content/themes/x) and Cornerstone plugin (/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone) by connecting to your FTP (your settings will be saved in the database)

  3. Download the latest copy of X and upload it to your themes folder via FTP OR you can upload the via Appearance -> Themes section.

  4. Latest version of Cornerstone will be installed automatically when you head over X tab of your dashboard. Now you try validating your X theme again and then try to install any other extension and it should function properly.

Let us know how it goes.


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