Cornerstone Layout Themeco block -where is it?

Hi, if I want to have a predesiged Layout for my new page, in my tutorial there are 2 kind of Templates under Layout::
The Themeco Page and the: Themeco Block, to get for example a new predesigned section “get in touch” -
I can´t find the Layouts: Themeco Block!!!
In my tutorial ist shown like on the picture
Would You please help me?
Thanks a lot

Hi Susanne,

Thank you for writing in and sorry for the confusion, your screenshot is from an older version of Cornerstone. With the latest Cornerstone (3.0.4) you need to utilise the Template Manager to import the Stater Pack and load it to your page. Read more about Template Manager here.

Hope that shed some lights,

Hi friech,
Thanks a lot for answering!!!
I got cornerstone with the x theme, and I have got the Template Manager and the starter pack. But I´m a little confused, because the names of the Templates in this pack is similar to the names of the Elements.
I can´t find the names of the Themeco Block Templates for example “get in touch” (see the upper picture yellow marked) – which I need and for which I bought the x-Theme…
Would be nice if you could help me again!
Yours Susanne

Hi There,

Can you please . confirm which tutorial you are talking about. There is no official tutorial similar to what you have showing in the screenshot even the screenshot is very older version.
I believe the highlited template in the screenshot is a user created template which in comes with cornerstone by default.
What ever template you are seeing now it the official template coming with the theme. Please confirm where did you got the screenshot so that we can suggest you better.


Thanks for the answer!
Here my link of the Tutorial. Unfortunateliy its in German, and I hope you don´t need a login:

Ok I tried and tried… here is my Template Manager:

there are 35 Templates in the Manager.

In my content I only have 6 Templates to chose:

how can I get the starter_-map (1).tco (in the pictures yellow marked) which I downloaded into my content of the site…
I tried to drop it into the template manager, but then I get a copy there. (red Arrow in the picture)

Hi there,

I tried the same on my setup and it works. Have you tried reloading the page after importing it? Does it have any cache?

Please note that with localhost, browser usually cache it even if you don’t have cache plugin installed. Please set up an online version of your site just for testing as there is no way for us to investigate it since it’s in your localhost.


Sorry, I still have no domain, its my first Webpage to design. Is will last a while until I can get the site online.

  • unfortunately!!!

I write later when I´ve got the site online
Thanks a lot…

Sure, please let us know once the website is online. :slight_smile:

Hi Susanne,

It’s me again, I just want to chime in here before this thread gets confusing.

You’re getting 6 templates here:

Because those are the only Content Template, the rest are Preset, preset is a saved styling/configuration of an element that you applied to another element (same type).

For example the Starter: Map preset, its a template that you can apply to the Map element

Read more details about Template Manager here.

Now lets back to the Themeco Block (Get In Touch) issue. The tutorial that you’re watching is more likely using the X5/Cornerstone2 version where we have the themeco block.

But now with the X6/Cornerstone3, we have the Starter Pack on Template Manager unfortunately the Get In Touch block and other blocks from X5 are not part of the Starter Pack.

Nevertheless, I have installed an X5 on my devsite and downloaded the Get In Touch block, I have uploaded it here so you can import it to your Template Manager and load it to your pages.

And if you don’t have a Google Map API key yet, you need to get one because you’re going to need that in the Map element.

Creating your Google Maps API Key

Hope this helps,

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