Cornerstone is not validated and cant find topics that resolve this

i have just purchased a new x theme licence and validated it on my site. i get a message saying cornerstone is not validated
i have tried revoking the validation and re adding it to no avail
i have read a bunch of the similar topics but none of the “fixes” seem to work
ive have successfully used x on 4 other sites and this sit he first time it hasnt worked

Hello @Jethro,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

As it’s a fresh copy of X Theme, please try deleting X and Cornerstone. After that download latest version of X Theme and install the same. After that please try validating again and see how it goes.

Along with that, please take a look at following article for most common validation issues and possible resolution for same:


Thanks - though i had just installed the freshest version downloaded literally 5 minutes before activating - and it did activate successfully. Its not currently the active theme - does that matter?
im not actually getting any errors as such - just this message
We’ve checked the code, but it doesn’t appear to be an Cornerstone purchase code or Themeco license. Please double check the code and try again.

Hi @Jethro,

I believe that your concern is similar to this thread below.

Let us know how it goes.


Just in case this might help someone… I have been struggling with cornerstone 6.1.3 not loading for a couple of days and I was able to correct it on a staging site and a production site by upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and re-validating X from the cornerstone home section. (You also might want to check your php version). Although my version of X 6.1.3 says it is validated, my cornerstone home section is still telling me I have to validate cornerstone… but it works. I tried everything else I could find on the forum but none of it worked for me.
Hope this helps : )

Thanks for sharing, @mk_design.

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