Cornerstone editor access


As of now, only admins can edit pages in cornerstone mode. How do I change user roles so that editors can as well?

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You will have to grant access to other user roles in the Permissions Manager.

Please check this article for more information:

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Thank you! So I feel this may have been covered elsewhere, but I can no longer find it. We just launched a site with X (though we have a prop license), should I expect any anomalies/theme changes when/if I switch to X?

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This feature should also be available in Pro but you will have to update to the latest version. As for switching back to X, should not have any problem but you will not have the features available when you have Pro activated such as the Header and Footer builder and the Design Cloud. Also, if you activate X, you will not be able to validate it using a Pro license.

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Hey! So I’m actually not on Pro (though we have a license for it). We’re on X. My question is will I lose my X customization by moving to Pro.


All your settings and content will be automatically migrated to Pro from X.

Kindly refer to the link below for more information


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