Cornerstone Editing Issues

Hello Support,

I once reported a post on this issue via the link below:

Please check the details in this post secure note to assist


Hi there,

I checked your website and found few points to share with you:

  1. Your general website speed is slow and it is something related to your hosting service provider
  2. There is an error while I tried to access the Cornerstone regarding a file called all.js which has something to do with Facebook Impressions. I am not sure if it is a plugin or a script that you have on your website, but test by disabling that.
  3. I used the network panel of my Chrome browser to monitor how the loading goes on and I found it took about 30 seconds to load the ajax-admin.php file which is the main Ajax call to get the information from the server. Pending shows that the theme already sent the request but there is no response from the server:

I suggest that you make sure that you took all the steps my colleague suggested in the previous thread and also check this steps:

Finally, it is highly possible that your hosting service provider does not have enough response time or something is blocking the way which you need to contact them.

The best way to test if a server is slow or the problem is from other source is to move your website to another hosting or your local machine and test the case.

Thank you.

Thanks for your response.

I will review your suggestions

Sure, please let us know if you have further questions. Thanks!

Okay I will

Thanks! Cheers!

Hello @All,

I have been able to resolve the issue, it has to do with plugin conflict. I deactivated some plugins and I have been able to edit seamlessly.

Thank you and Happy New Year to the Team.

Glad that you have managed to fix the issue :slight_smile: Happy new year.

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