Cornerstone dissappeared from posts page


My client has been using cornerstone to build their blog posts for some time now and the cornerstone interface has suddenly disappeared from the posts section of the site. I can still edit pages on the site in cornerstone, just not posts or anything else for some reason when I was able to before.

The only support thread ( I can find that details a fix for this seems to be out of date as the ‘cornerstone’ section under settings doesn’t exist. I also can’t find anything similar in the ‘x’ menu under cornerstone or settings.

I’m running:

Wordpress 4.9.8
X Theme 6.3.6
Cornerstone 3.3.6

Ah. Figured it out. The setting IS there under the new cornerstone settings page, it’s just not extremely obvious how the menu works as they’ve tried to make it all fancy rather than just using tick boxes…


would you please point me to where this setting is? I honestly can’t find it.


Sure, no problems. On your dashboard on the left hand side, if you go to the ‘> X’ menu, then ‘Settings’, under where it says ‘General’ there’s a bunch of things listed with either a green or grey ‘power on’ symbol next to them. Just make sure the symbol is green next to ‘posts’. It looks like you can also change this setting for varies levels of user as well, so make sure you’re doing it for the right user-type.

Hope that helps!

Oook, I found it and managed to enable Cornerstone for a custom post type. Thanks for your time!

I’m a total beginner so maybe I’m missing the logic, but right now I think that keeping X and Cornerstone setting separated would be clearer.

Thanks for helping out @tobygray. :slight_smile:

You might also want to check our KB article of the Permissions Manager that is related to this settings:

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