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I have been using the X theme since 2015 and recently converted to Pro, which I have installed on localhost running windows 10. Everything seemed to be going well until I tried to install the plugins/extentions, and there are eight that wont install. Here is a list of them…
Envira Gallery
Essential Grid
Modern Event Calendar
Slider Revolution
Visual Composer.
Any help or advice would be sincerely appreciated.
I am now retired and still using your excellent theme for pleasure only on. Localhost.
Thank you .

Hi there,

In order for you to install the bundled plugins from Pro > Validation, you will have to have the theme validated.

You will not be able to validate the theme using a localhost address which is the default address when you are working on locally so your option would be to use some local servers like DesktopServer which provides you a custom URL while working locally which you can use to validate Pro.

You can find more info about validation here:

Hope this helps.

Will it work on the free version of DesktopServer?
Thank you

Hello @Peeps1960,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Yes, it works with free version of DesktopServer. I am sharing link that you can take a look at get started.


How can I thank a crew that works at super speed. A BIG THANK YOU!!!

You are more than welcome :slight_smile:

Me again,
Cant validate my upgrade to Pro, on DesktopServer. Need to try and revoke API key and cant remember how to. Again any belp would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Hello @Peeps1960,

Thanks for updating thread. :slight_smile:

Looks like you haven’t uploaded Pro Theme files. Please upload Pro Theme files either from Appearance > Themes > Add new > Upload Theme or under /wp-content/themes/ directory

I suggest you to please review our X to Pro conversion guide.


Hello again,
Do I need to install X theme on my localhost, then upgrade to Pro from within wordpress, and it seems I wont need to revoke my API key?
Thank you again

Hi there,

No, you do not have to.

First, you just have to install Pro to your local site then validate it using the license key that you have converted.

You would know that your site is validated when you’re able to install the bundled plugins from Pro > Validation.

Please refer to the article posted by @Prasant in his previous response as it contains more detailed information about X to Pro conversion.

Thank you.

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