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We have used Convert Plus on several sites and have had a consistent experience until recently. We recently added it as an addon to a site and it’s showing a different screen than we have previously seen. Everything has been updated, the plugin was uninstalled and redownloaded and we’re still seeing the same screen. In previous projects, we were able to access to different styles of popups. Now, we are only able to access the dashboard asking is to connect addons. Included are screenshots of the problem.

The site where it does work:

The site where it doesn’t:

Hello @cdgreg2,

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Quite strange problem you are facing with ConvertPlus. My recommendation at this moment would be to completely delete ConvertPlus using FTP under /wp-content/plugins/ directory. After that install ConvertPlus from X/Pro > Validation > Extensions.

In case you don’t see the ConvertPlus welcome page and other menu items then please share website login details in secure note for us to take a closer look.


Good morning,

We have attempted that and are still having the same issue. I have sent a secure note.

Hi There,

I couldn’t replicate this issue on my end. Can you confirm that you’re using the Covert Plus version 3.3.2?

I also couldn’t login to your WordPress dashboard. The username/password is incorrect. Could you please double check?

Many thanks.

I’ve updated the secure note with a different account. Don’t know why that password isn’t working. I have confirmed that we are using version 3.3.2 on the site.

Hello @cdgreg2,

Thanks for updating the thread.

Have you removed the website URL? I don’t see the URL of your website in this ticket. Can you please share URL again?


Added with all the secure note.

Hello @cdgreg2,

Thanks for updating the details.

I took a detailed view of the website and on my end ConvertPlus is working fine. Here’s a screencast.

Though I noticed that you are using old version of Pro Theme 2.1.6. I suggest you to update to version 2.2.5 to avoid any conflicts. Yo can take a look at our theme update guide for some help.


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