Content slide in animation: X theme / Integrity


I’m currently building my “our services” page for my company and was wondering how to achieve this…

I want “containers” to slide in from left to right (or the opposite) when users scroll down the page…

Heres an example of what im trying to achieve (scroll a bit, you’ll see what animation i’m talking about)

Thank you !

Hello There,

Thanks for writing and we appreciate for the very detailed post information.

You can achieve the same effect by enabling the Fade Animation option which can be found in the columns settings.

Hope this helps.

Also wondering how to achieve this porfolio set up :

The images move along with the cursor position… I also wonder how to put an hover with some text on the picture like they did.

Thank you.

Hello @Gestionwebdw,

Thanks for updating the thread. :slight_smile:

The link you have shared is using The Grid plugin to display portfolio items. It’s a free plugins that comes bundled with X Theme. You can install from X > Validation > Extensions > The Grid. I am sharing few resources that you can refer to get started with The Grid plugin:


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