Content area modal shortcode

i want to use the content area modal on my widget. is there a shortcode for that? or any way to use content area modal without using the cornerstone?

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You can use [lightbox] and [button] shortcodes.

E.g. How to insert video in Lightbox

[button class="videoLightbox" type="real" shape="square" size="mini" href="//" title="Example"]Square Button[/button]

[lightbox selector=".videoLightbox" opacity="0.875" prev_scale="0.75" prev_opacity="0.75" next_scale="0.75" next_opacity="0.75" orientation="horizontal"]

You can do this for images by replacing href attribute in button.

Hope this helps.

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that is not what iā€™m talking about.

or how i can make content area modal using visual composer on x theme
or using shortcode

Hello There,

The Content Area Modal is exclusively available for Cornerstone. Regretfully there is no available shortcode for this element that you can use in the default editor or in VC.

Thank you.

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