Confused about Portfolio

Hi, I’d like to use portfolio posts as well as the standard blog but I’m a little confused. Without Jetpack enabled, there was already a ‘Portfolio’ item on my dashboard but after enabling Jetpack I see an additional and separate ‘Portfolio’ item.

Is the non-Jetpack Portfolio a standard feature of X-theme or Wordpress? If this already exists, do I even need Jetpack? Specifically I would like to display some specific portfolio items as a tiled/masonry gallery on my frontpage, but I’m not sure if that would be a Jetpack thing, an X-theme thing, or a Wordpress/3rd party thing.

Please help me understand. If I can do this with Jetpack’s Portfolio disabled, all the better! I’m just confused which one I should be using.

Hey there,

X has its own Portfolio post type and Jetpack might have its own similar post type. I recommend you disable Jetpack’s.

Displaying specific Portfolio items in your front page is not a featured offered out of the box in X though. For that, you’ll need to use either the Essential Grid or The Grid plugin. Both comes bundled with X. Please see the links below for more information.

For more details about X Portfolio, please see You can see one of the X Portfolio demo at just in case you might want to set it up.


Apologies for not thanking you before - I’ve only just seen your reply. I figure that out myself in the end but thank you very much for your help.

Glad you’ve figured it out :slight_smile: