Conflict on front end and editing page

I am receiving conflict on front end when editing posts page. I’ve tried reinstalling theme and adding a different posts page. I read in the forum that I need to turn this off as a posts page to edit this.

If after I edit this to my liking and turn it back into to a posts page, will I continue to get these messages because I have chosen to have it populated via wordpress as a blog/posts page?

Additionally, I can edit the page, but when I turn it into a posts page, a big THE BLOG shows up at the top, which I in turn can’t edit out unless I can edit the page. So, I guess I need to figure out how to edit this out.

Hi there,

Actually, you can not edit the posts pages using event the normal Wordpress Editor. POsts page is a special page which gets information from a PHP template. That is the part of the Wordpress templating hierarchy system which you can see the visualization of it here:

If you want to have the blog listing customized you will need to install a Child Theme and add custom code using the guide below:

Regarding The Blog you see on the page, you can change it by going to X > Launch > Options > NAME OF THE STACK > Blog Title:

There you can change that title.

Thank you.