Component builder available in docs, but not available in theme

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First of all congrats on what Cornerstone has become over the years - truly a great tool! I used to use it in 2014 with X theme for a client back then.(i still have my purchase license, but I forgot my account here since i haven’t used it since) I remember it being ahead of its time, but when I saw the evolution, I immediately bought the Pro theme and intend to integrate it into our workflow.
I read the docs and saw a “Component Builder Overview”. I wanted to start building and learning Pro by doing some components so I can reuse them across the site. In my version of the theme, there is no such menu in Cornerstone. Am I doing something wrong?

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Components are coming in 5.2, currently in beta4.

You can join the beta and have a play if you want here: Become A Beta Tester!


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Hi Tom,

Thanks for sharing the information with others.

Thank you for the fast reply. We can consider the question closed and wait until it becomes available in 5.2.

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You are most welcome.

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