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Is there a step by step guide for Pro? The knowledge base seems to mix pro and x together. For example, I was looking for demo content, but apparently that’s only available for X. Also, isn’t cornerstone included in Pro?

If you look at the Knowledge Base most everything needed to use the features in pro are available there.

Thank you for the reply, but it was not responsive to the questions. It would be very helpful if someone had taken the time to prepare video tutorials for Pro beyond the heading tutorials on YouTube. I just cannot seem to find them.

Thank you for helping out, @Dulcie07. :slight_smile:

There is a video tutorial for Header and Footer builder that is in our Knowledge Based which you can find here:

Here is a video tutorial for Cornerstone:

We strongly recommend to start with our Knowledge Base as it has an ample amount of resources you can check.

Thank you.

I really am not trying to be difficult. But as I evaluate the support I’m receiving for your product, it matters that you read what I wrote. Nowhere did I ask for a link to the Header and Footer video. I asked about video “beyond the heading tutorials.”

Nor did I ask about a video for Cornerstone. I asked if Cornerstone was included in Pro. The link you provided for the Cornerstone overview doesn’t mention Pro a single time.

I did also point out that the knowledge base does not appear to have any dedicated instructional content for Pro (beyond the headers and footers). I pointed out that it was mixed with X and Pro, and unless you know the differences between the two, you could get lost for hours on the knowledge base searching for answers.

Still, I have not received an answer to my very first question. Is there a step by step guide for Pro? If the knowledge base is the best I’m gonna get, then OK. But as a customer that has purchased a product, I am feeling a little frustrated – not that I haven’t got the answers to my questions, but that people are giving me advise without reading those questions. (And I am grateful for the replies I have got – I know you mean well.)



PRO and X are basically the same, the only difference is that PRO Theme has header and footer builder.
So most of the information that is in our knowledge Base if not all is also applicable to PRO Theme.

We have incorporated Cornerstone inside PRO Theme so no need to activate Cornerstone plugin when using PRO.


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