Colums with same size in Pro

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I see within the headers section its possible to manage colums always beeing the same size. How can I do this within a content page?

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Thanks for writing in! Are you referring to Columns heights ? You may try setting a min-height to a column for example min-height: 300px;.

If not, please provide us with the URL to your page, so that we can understand your issue.


Thanks for your feedback, but I can’t find a field to change “min-height”. When I try to customize with an inline CSS nothing happens.

The URL is “”

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Are you trying to make the columns under Ihr Experte für Oberflächenbehandlung have the same height. If so, instead of setting a specific height to the columns, you can set the min-height option to the text element because the rest of the elements in the columns are equal except the text elements especially the second column where the text is shorter.

You may also try using this snippet:

Hope this helps.

Hi, there
Sorry but I can’t find the option to set “min-height” of the text. Any help?

Hey @rdbeli,

We’re sorry for the confusion. There is no min-height option for neither the Column nor the Text. Both previous suggestions requires that you use custom code. The first suggestion by @mldarshana uses inline CSS. You should put it inside the Column’s Inline CSS field under the Customize tab in the control navigation.

The second suggestion by @Jade, requires that you add and customize the Javascript snippet.

I would suggest instead is you assign a class to each of your text then add this code in your Content CSS

.text-height {


Hi there, thanks a lot. This works like a charme. I used the latest idea assigning a new class.

Thanks, Ruedi

You’re welcome Ruedi :slight_smile:

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