Colums high css problem with Safari


I have the page: and with Chrome the same height columns work well. But Safari it looks bad. Could you please check, the collumns are not lined.

Realted to this:

Hello @Anni,

Thanks for posting in!

Please remove this inline element css in your row container:

display: flex;flex-flow: wrap;

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.


I am sorry, but it not help. Then it does not keep the column height equal.

Hello Anni,

Since it does not work, please remove the code and any other codes for your columns.

display: flex;flex-flow: wrap;

You may used the JS version of getting your columns to have the same heights.
You can check this out:

Please let us know if this works out for you.

Finally, I got it working. Not with JS, in iPad size it made the column hight so that the text didn’t fit there, it came out from the box (below the box).

I cleaned the code and after trying JS, I followed again the CSS instructions from here:

And now it seems to be working. Thank you!

You are most welcome!
It’s nice to know that you have figured out to resolve the issue.

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