Classis recent post not giving what I need


With other theme I was able to show exactly last 2 posts and text would be displayed and image right bellow.
With this element I have to click on the post to get displayed text and image. Only option is to show featured image which does not work for me. Any other workaround or solution?

Hi @JohnyBeGood,

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully, at this time I am not entirely certain what it is you would like to accomplish based on the information given in your email. If you wouldn’t mind providing us with a little more clarification on what it is you’re wanting to do (a link to a similar example site would be very helpful, or perhaps some screenshots), we’ll be happy to provide you with a response once we have a better understanding of the situation.



Its pretty simple, I want below post (screenshot included) to be included on the first page. Now i have to open it to see post context that is “Test 1” and image. Same goes for other “Test 2”.

Hi @JohnyBeGood

Currently there is no option to show the excerpt or post content in the recent posts shortcode or the classic element, one good way to achieve what you are looking for is to use either The Grid or Essential Grid plugin, both are bundled with X or Pro theme. Please check their guides here:

Check this demo for example:


Please include screenshot how simple text image and post text would look like. The demo there does not show that at all.

Hi there,

Essential Grid and The Grid plugins have options where you can select the skin or the style of how the post items get displayed.

Kindly take time to go over the links previously provided to find more information about the plugins.

Here are some example skins that you could possibly use:

Hope this helps.


I did enabled Essential Grid and found that “Arthur” skin is what I’m looking for but after hours of looking thru I’m unable to find how to center it and make it bigger? There must be a setting for it because there are so many but nothing what I need.

Hi @JohnnyBeGood,

The entire width is part of the grid, the empty space on the right is empty columns where other items should appear. If you wish for the grid to cover those spaces too then please change your grid columns to just 2. Or add more items to the grid. It’s not going to center since it will try to fill the width of its container, it just happens that there are not enough items to display.


Where is this setting? Under Cornerstone or somewhere else?
I do not more than 2 columns and need post be displayed and cover entire empty space.


The settings is in essential grid.

Please refer to the link below.

Hope that helps

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