Classic Video Player not working

It could well be my own ignorance :blush: BUT the video player doesn’t work

I added the element and clicked the “+” sign to navigate to my library and selected the video. It doesn’t seem to load although the field that once displayed a “+” sign now displays an “x”

I added a URL to the SRC & poster field with a test image and to see if that made a difference and it doesn’t

The image doesn’t display either


Hi There,

Based on source code, I can see you have switch the image and video.
The poster image is added as video and on the poster image field, the video was added. If this is not how you did it, please share credentials on inside a secure note so we can double check your setup.

PERFECT! thank you so much - I had them reversed

Some documentation on how to set up the elements will be WONDERFUL – maybe there is some beyond what you have in the Knowledge Base – did I miss something?

Thank you again! :raising_hand_woman:

Hi there,

Actually, there is :slight_smile:

You can find more information regarding the elements used in the Cornerstone here:

Thank you.

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