Classic Video Player not working w/ Vimeo Video

Hi we had a vimeo video link showing up in a classic video player just fine on our web page. The vimeo was a private video that we set up to work on our business website w/ the settings. And it was working perfect.

Then all the sudden it stopped working, where all there is now is a white rectangle w/ no content or image.

Now no matter what type of vimeo video we try to test it with - private, public, etc. it doesn’t show up at all.

Please advise.


Can you confirm that you are fully updated? (Theme and Plugins)

You can find the latest version numbers here: ( Then you can compare them to what’s installed on your site.

If you find anything to be out of date, you can review our update guide.

Please also provide us your site url so we can take a closer look.


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