Classic text and text elements issue

Hello Guys
I have always been using the classic text elements.
I have started now to use the latest version of it called simply “text”
I realized that doesn’t catch the font color and size that I have set up in the X setting.

why is it? Do I have an issue? or is it normal and I would have to stick to classic text?

here screen shot where you can see. the top section is classic text which is correct
the bottom one has been done with text element and it’s darker and not correct.

thanks for your reply

Hi @isa1978,

Thank you for writing in, unlike the Classic Text element, “Text” element does not rely completely on the Theme Options settings. By default, V2 Elements allow you to set fonts (styles, size, weight and family), paddings, margins, line-heights, borders, and text shadows without touching a single line of CSS code.

To get started with V2 elemetts, I suggest you to please take a look at our KB section.

I am sharing few more resources that you can take a look to get started with V2 elements.


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oh! ok thanks a lot

Glad we could help,


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